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944 Shift Knob & Boot
944/968 Replacement Shift Knob And Boot
Order our quality 944/968 replacement leather shift knob and boot and give your car a new look in minutes. The shift boot/knob combination series eliminates the messy need for gluing. All you have to do is remove the old unit and plug in new one. This boot/knob also eliminates the old wire clip / rubber bushing that attaches to the core of the models that wears out over the years. Shift pattern insert not included. You may reuse your shifter emblem cap or order one of the caps offered on this page. Select boot color below. Note: colors other than black add $15

Shown with 5-speed shift cap which is no longer available. Shift pattern inserts sold separately below.

Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days

944-SKB-100Regular price: $115.00Special price: $99.95
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944 Shiftknob Inserts
944/968 Replacement Shift Knob Insert
Replace your worn out or broken plastic shift pattern insert with this stainless steel unit. It offers a brushed finish with inlayed "turbo" script or the shift pattern. The workmanship on this piece is oustanding. You will not be disappointed. Select style below.

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6-Spd Wht Pattern Shift Knob Insert

6-Speed White Pattern Shift Knob Insert
Sharp white numbers outlined in a polished nickel plating. Nickel-plated pointer lines and outer ring all incased in a crystal clear polyurethane resin. Perfect touch for cars with white faced gauges. For all 968 and 986 Boxster models with 6-speed gearbox. Round insert for standard/base shift knob.


Availability: Usually ships the same business day

944 Auto Knob Recovery Kit
944 Auto Shift Knob Recover Kit
The leather on all Porsche automatic knobs wears out. Your knob is quite valuable and can be resewn like new with our leather recover kit. Your dealership thinks otherwise and would like to bill you $400.00 for a new one.
944ETA - Left side button release with the right side round includes stitching found on only left side, under button.
944TA - Left side button release with an exact T shape. Left/right side look the same. The stitching goes down both sides of the stem of the knob. Fits 944 1985-91
Please note: Porsche mixed and matched these auto knobs and possibly previous owners did also. We have also noticed 944s with their auto knob leather cut off. Some of you may think your car just never came with it. There is no such thing as a Porsche auto knob not covered in leather from the factory.
Price is for recover kit in black leather. Other colors available for additional $15.00. Please call for availability.

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944 4-Spoke Wheel Recover Kit
944 4-Spoke Wheel Recover Kit
Give your 944 Steering wheel a fresh look with our 944 4-spoke steering wheel leather recover kit.
Note: Porsche appears to have had various suppliers making the same wheels in the early eighties. The only true way to know which kit applies to your car is the serial number embossed on the bare metal under the horn. We need for you to supply it to us when ordering. You will need to pull at both the left and right ends of your horn pad - Pull Firmly. A wire will be attached. You can unplug it. On the right lower portion you can match up your serial number with our list below.
944-ESW - 944 4-spoke wheel early 1983-85. Serial number ends in the letters - G/H.
944-4SW - 1983-87 4-spoke 944, 944S, 944T wheel with serial number ending with - 10 VERL
928-4SW - 4-spoke 944s from 1983-87 with serial number ending with 05 Purg, 02 or 05 Pur.
Price is for black leather recover kit. Other colors available for an additional $15.00.

944-4SWRKRegular price: $89.95Sale price: $69.95
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944 4-spoke Wheel w/ Airbag Recov Kit
944 4-Spoke Wheel With Airbag Recov Kit
Give your 944/968 steering wheel with airbag a fresh look with our 944 4-spoke steering wheel leather recover kit.
Fits all 944/968s from 1988. Price is for black/white leather kit. Other colors available for an additional $15.00. Please call for availability.


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