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996 Performance Air Intake Kits

Carrera 996 Evo Air Induction Kit
Carrera 996 EVO V-FLOW Air Induction Kit
Evo's "Internal Venturi Technology" fresh air induction systems are made specifically for the 3.4L/3.6L engines. The EVO system delivers more power and torque while completely isolating the air filter from the engine for a denser intake charge. Power is increased by about 10 - 12 wheel HP/TQ. Available for all 1999-04 Carrera 996 models.

Engineered utilizing state of the art CAD CAM 3D modeling, CNC machining, computer controlled Superflow air flow testing, rotational molding, injection molding and countless man hours, these systems represent the apex of air induction technologies. All of our systems install in the factory location and utilize the OEM “ram air” fresh air ducts for lower air intake temperatures and added power. Additionally, our systems also incorporate a custom cotton air filter and a 6” injection molded Venturi that acts as a vacuum for cold-air. All these components work together to create the most powerful Porsche air intake systems on the market today.

No Engine Check Light On with this system. Note: These kits are now shipping with new Synthamax Air filter, replacing the K&N which caused some fouling of the air sensor.

These intakes are currently being utilized by almost every Porsche 997 participating in the Grand AM Cup GS series due to its consistent and reliable power gains. These race teams require real results and rely on the benefits of our intake system for their race cars.

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Replacement V-Flow Synthamax Air Filter Replacement V-Flow Synthamax Air Filter
Replacement Synthamax air filter for the V-Flow intake system. Our fully synthetic air filter technology provides optimized flow with unmatched filtering properties which equals maximum power and protection. This filter replaces the previous oiled or dry filters. The advanced Synthamax technology yields a 5 layer filter with the filtering performance of the oiled filter while increasing air flow.

Fits V-Flow Air induction kits for Porsche 997.1 and 996

-5 layer synthetic fiber mesh filter material - superior filtration qualities
-100% MAF safe and oil free
-Washable and reusable
-EVO logo on filter lid

996TT V-Flow Air Intake 996TT V-Flow Air Intake

Evolution MotorSports V-Flow air induction systems are computer designed specifically for each individual application to give your engine maximum air flow, which means more horsepower, torque and improved performance. All V-Flow air intake systems have been dyno tested and tuned to provide maximum performance and efficiency. By utilizing computer-aided design, EVOMS designers produced the 996TT / GT2 air intake system to provide an unmatched fit, finish and superior air filtration. New for 2010 is the implementation of our exclusive 100% Oil Free “Synthamax” air filter technology. Our fully synthetic filter technology provides optimized flow with unmatched filtering properties which equals maximum power and protection

EVOMS V-Flow Air Induction System Features:

-Increases Power and Torque
-Improves turbo boost response
-Installs in the factory location - No modifications required
-Utilizes the OEM “ram air” fresh air duct for lower air intake temperatures and added power
-Airbox surrounding the air filter seals against the OEM decklid to avoid ingestion of hot engine air
-OEM quality, fit and function
HP Gain: ~15 HP*
TQ Gain: ~15 TQ*
*Power gains depend on other upgrades, turbo size and power level. Stated gains are typical for a slightly modified 996TT.

EVOMS V-Flow Air Induction System Includes:
-CNC Machined 89mm Billet aluminum MAF Housing
-CNC Machined 155mm Billet Aluminum Venturi (utilizes OEM MAF Waffle)
-Rotational - Molded Plastic Air Box
-155mm "Synthamax" 100% synthetic fiber, reusable, oil less Air Filter
-Installation Mounting Hardware & Special Installation Tool Included

INTKVF996TTRegular price: $795.00Sale price: $749.95
996 GT3 Carbon Fiber Competition IntakeFABSPEED 996 GT3 Carbon Fiber Competition Intake

• Fits all 996 GT3 Vehicles (1998-2005)
• +37HP/28 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels @ 7000 RPM.
• Fabspeed’s Maxflo High Performance Air Intake system replaces the stock factory air box for improved power and exotic car sound.
• Dual conical air filters attached to carbon fiber tubing.
• Improved air flow and sports car sound.
• Direct replacement, do-it-yourself installation.

996 BMC Sport Air Filter
996 BMC Sport Air Filter
The filter of choice for Formula One Champions Ferrari and other leading racing teams, BMC sport filters provides over 150% better airflow than stock filters. More CFM equals more power potential. Lasts a lifetime.
Important Note: In addtion to their superior performance, BMC filters do not foul the mass flow sensor, a well-known problem with other more oily filter brands.

Fabspeed 996 Cold Air Intake Fabspeed 996 Cold Air Kit
• Any 996 with JUST the COLD AIR performance enhancement kit will make any 996 with STOCK mufflers sound as if you have added a mild performance exhaust. Perfect for any 996 owner that wants his car to sound slightly more aggressive that stock.
• Simple to install under 20 minutes with Torx screwdriver.
• 996 Cold Air Kit gives 12HP & better throttle reponse
• 25% more COLD AIR airflow from outside the engine compartment. More airflow= more power.
• Complies with Porsche factory warranty
• Adds 1.5 Liters cold air by eliminating muffler in airbox. This allows engine to draw cold air across entire topside of airbox (left and right rather than just from the right).
• Works with factory Porsche and BEST with optional BMC F1 air filters. Add to your order during check-out for only $135 - save $30!
• Much better throttle response you can feel

Note: For Tiptronic and Anniversary edition cars, there is a small extra hose running into the factory Intake hose which must be taken out and have a small intake breather placed on the end. This hose is required and cannot be plugged up, so you must get a small intake breather from a local speed shop or a discount auto parts store which can be zip tied to the end of the hose so the car runs properly. K&N and a few other entities carry them.

FS-POR996CAKRegular price: $250.00Sale price: $239.95
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