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To enter programming mode, first make sure the key is not in the ignition lock and all doors are unlocked. Insert the key into the ignition lock and turn it to accessory position. To access the clear text setup, make sure the radio/command unit is turned OFF, then select the AUDIO screen using the steering wheel MENU buttons on the left. Next, press and hold the phone hang-up button on the steering wheel until the left arrow blinks once to indicate function 1. Now let go of the button. From this point on you can navigate through the options by either tapping the UP (next function) and DOWN (previous function) buttons or the phone pickup (next function) and phone hang-up (previous function) buttons. Once the arrows are finished indicating the function and setting, change the setting by tapping PLUS or MINUS. The new settings are active immediately.

To end programming mode, remove the key from the ignition lock or turn the ignition on. End of programming mode is indicated by both arrows lighting up simultaneously.


Function 3 (Remote roof control) is set to allow ignition on (setting 2): Left arrow blinks 3 times to indicate function 3, then right arrow blinks twice to indicate that this function is set to setting 2.

Function 4 (Remote windows) is enabled (setting 1): Left arrow blinks 4 times to indicate function 4, then right arrow blinks once to indicate that this function is set to setting 1.

Function 5 (Auto Unlock) is set to OFF (setting 0): Left arrow blinks 5 times to indicate function 5, then right arrow does not blink. This indicates that the function is set to setting 0 (OFF).

When the module is ENABLED (active), function 1 will be indicated as ON (1x left arrow followed by 1x right arrow). The DISABLED (invisible for diagnostic tools) mode will be indicated as 1x left arrow only.

In case the left arrow is finished blinking and the right arrow does not light up at all, the appropriate function is set to setting 0 / OFF and hence disabled.

Installation Steps:


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