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Porsche Plenums

The IPD Plenums are a unique design that dramatically increases horsepower and torque by optimizing air flow efficiency. Air flow is managed through a diversion splitter that maximizes air speed into the engine. The charged intake air maintains a higher velocity by replacing the factory plastic T intake with a stronger and more efficient cast aluminum Y design. This unique Y style plenum optimizes flow, improving acceleration and boost response. The new IPD replacement plenum eliminates the turbulent air flow by smoothly splitting and diverting the air flow and directing it towards the cylinders at a much higher air speed. This simple bolt-on plenum upgrade provides dyno proven increases in both power and torque throughout the entire rev range.


All IPD Air Intake Plenums are Made In The USA.
Many companies have attempted to copy the IPD design. However, the design is U.S. patent protected.
U.S. PATENT NO. 7,278,389

IPD Plenum 997 CarreraIPD Plenum 997 Carrera
IPD Plenum 970 PanameraIPD Plenum 970 Panamera
IPD Plenum 996 CarreraIPD Plenum 996 Carrera
The 996 did not mark the beginning of a new Porsche chapter, it marked the beginning of a new Porsche book. The prolific 911 was baptized and emerged water cooled, leaving the legendary air cooled engine to live in Porsche history.

The total and complete redesign of the 911 engine was fitted with the vintage plastic "T" style air distributor that Porsche has used since the early 911 days. This intake system was found on virtually all 911 Carrera's until the arrival of the DFI cars in 2009.

The unique, innovative and patented design of the IPD Plenum employs a "Y" design that improves performance by channeling air left and right to the cylinder banks more efficiently. This design reduces air flow turbulence and increases air flow velocity resulting in substantial power gains throughout the entire rpm band.

The IPD plenum not only delivers impressive power and torque increases but also creates a more linear power and torque band. Tiptronic customers even claim considerable improvements with more positive shifting after installing the IPD Plenums.

IPD Plenum 986/987 Boxster/CaymanIPD Plenum 986/987 Boxster/Cayman
IPD Plenum 955/957/958 CayenneIPD Plenum 955/957/958 Cayenne