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Function 6 - Chirp Sound on lock/unlock ( *0=OFF / 1=HORN L / 2=HORN L+U / 3=SIREN L / 4=SIREN L+U )

Function 6 - Chirp Sound on lock/unlock ( *0=OFF / 1=HORN L / 2=HORN L+U / 3=SIREN L / 4=SIREN L+U )
This function can be set to either chirp once when locking the car (setting 1) or additionally chirp twice when unlocking (setting 2). Setting 1 and 2 use the regular horn, setting 3 and 4 use the alarm siren (requires factory alarm with red "panic" button on the remote fob).

SLK: To enable the horn chirps, open the fuse box in the right corner of the engine compartment and reseat the fuse shown from position 43A, left slots (1) to position 43B, right slots (2). This change does not affect anything else. NO fuse needs to removed and NO fuse needs to be added. Just RE-SEAT one already existing fuse.

Function 7 - HomeLight XL ( *0=OFF / 1=FOG / 2=DIPPED BEAM ) This function turns the headlights on for 30 sec., when either the PANIC button on the remote (if present) is tapped briefly or the OPEN button is tapped once while the car is already open (or CLOSE button while the car is already closed). To turn the light off manually, just tap the button again. Setting 1 activates the fog lights and setting 2 activates the regular dipped beams as the light source. PLEASE NOTE: On the SL this function always uses all turn signal lights.

Function 8 - Daytime Driving Lights ( *0=OFF / 1=FOG / 2=LOW BEAM ) Enable this function to turn the fog lights or headlights (low beams) on as soon as the engine is started. Some countries require the front lights to be permanently on. PLEASE NOTE: On the SL this function DOES NOT work and the setting is ignored. WARNING: This function ONLY ACTIVATES THE FRONT LIGHTS !!! You have to make sure that you still turn the light switch if you drive at night, since this function will NOT activate any rear lights or dash board illumination!

InstallAID™ LED: This module is equipped with our unique installation help and status indicator LED. The LED signals a correct installation and shows the status of the module in a clear and easy to understand way.

LED OFF Ignition OFF: CAN bus and module are in low-power standby mode. This is normal. Ignition ON: Either power connection or CAN bus connection is interrupted. Troubleshooting: Check the two wire taps for 12V and ground as well as the CAN connectors. Also make sure the CAN polarity is correct.

LED permanently ON Ignition OFF: Should not happen! CAN bus and module should enter standby mode after max. 1 min. The LED MUST turn off at some point. Ignition ON: Module is connected to CAN and power, but not in line with the correct CAN plug. Troubleshooting: Starting with the first CAN plug, hook the module up to each one of the plugs until the LED shows a distince blinking pattern (1x per sec) max. 5 sec after turning the ignition on.

LED blinks CAN Bus is active, the module is connected correctly and ready for use.

Installation on RHD (UK, Australia etc.) cars: This section only applies to SLK. All others just "mirror" all locations during installation. On right-hand drive SLK there is no 12V power wire in the harness. Open up the side panel of the dashboard next to the light switch. Also it is advisable to remove the accelerator pedal by unscrewing a 10mm nut located under a plastic cover. This will greatly simplify lifting the carpet. Carefully pry the light switch out of the dash to easily reach the wires. Inside the dash, right behind the light switch is a wire harness with one or more plain red wires. Tap into one of these wires with the crimp connector. The grounding point is conveniently located right behind the bonnet release lever.


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