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Misc Factory Decals/Stickers

Factory Decals: 964/993 A/C Decal
Factory Sticker 964/993 A/C Charge
Genuine Factory A/C Sticker for 964 and 993 models. New sticker.

Brembo Stencil
BREMBO Brake Stencil Set
Dress up your calipers the same way the factory does, paint. These easy to use self-adhesive stencils make restoring your calipers a breeze. Just apply and spray using the paint color of your choice. We recommends using VHT high temperature caliper paint. Check our Caliper Paint Kits. Price is for 2 stencils.

Select Stencil Size: 
GT3 RS Sticker  Engine Cover
Porsche Factory GT3 RS Rear Sticker
GT3 RS Factory decal for the engine cover. Available in Red or Blue. Select Below.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days.

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Porsche 2.2L Engine Sticker
Factory Sticker 2.2L Engine
Genuine Factory 2.2L Engine Sticker for 1970-1971 911 and other 2.2L models. This sticker was found on the bottom of the rear glass.

New sticker.

MOBIL 1 Sticker
Factory Mobil 1 Sticker

Used first on 993's. Note, the part number on the sticker has susperseded several times. This is the new version as of Oct 2011. Size is 50mm X 50mm

New sticker. Genuine Porsche

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Porsche Sticker Oil Level 1965-72
Factory Sticker Oil Level (1965-1972)
Factory Oil Level Sticker for 911 (1965-1972).

Porsche Sticker Oil Level (1973)
Factory Sticker Oil Level (1973)
Factory Oil Level Sticker for 1973 911. New sticker.

Porsche Sticker 964 Firing Order
Porsche Factory Sticker 964 Cylinder Firing Order
Factory sticker cylinder firing order for 964 twin-rotor. New sticker.

Porsche Sticker Cylinder Firing Order
Factory Sticker Cylinder Firing Order
(911 1965-78) And (930 1976-78)
Factory metal sticker with cylinder firing order. Placed in #1 emplacement (bottom most right) on engine bay sill. Fits all 911s 1965-78 and 930s 1976-78. New sticker.

Porsche 993 High-Voltage Sticker
Factory Sticker 993 Engine Compartment High-Voltage Warning
New sticker. Genuine Porsche

Factory Decals/Stickers-Tire Pressure
Factory Sticker Tire Pressures
Factory metal sticker with recommended tire pressures. Placed in #5 emplacement (immediate left of latch) on engine bay sill. New sticker. Select Model/Year below.

Stickers Brake Fluid Carrera 2.7L
Factory Sticker Brake Fluid (Carrera 2.7L)
Factory brake fluid sticker for the Carrera 2.7L. New sticker.

Timing Decal Carrera 2.7 1973-1974
PORSCHE FACTORY Engine Timing decal. Fits Carrera 2.7, 1973-1974.

Alternator/Regulator Sticker
Porsche Sticker Alternator/Regulator.

Used on 1965-1973 model years.


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