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Controllers for Audi

smartTOP for Audi A4 TT Roadster
smartTOP for Audi A4 TT Roadster

smartTOP Roof Top Control for Audi A3/A4/S4 (B6, B7) Convertible, Audi TT Roadster Model Year 2007+ and VW Golf 6 Convertible (all model years)

Product Features:
Comfort soft top control while driving: Within a pre-set speed limit (A4: 40km/h / 25mph, TT: about 60km/h / 38mph) the roof can be operated automatically with a short push of the open or close button.
On the TT our module does NOT change the factory pre-set speed limit for top operation. This keeps the original warranty on all convertible top parts fully intact.
Remote roof control: One-Touch operation of roof and windows with the original remote. Choose if windows should be up or down (A4). On the TT the windows always roll up at the end of the top operation cycle.
Deluxe Mode allows starting engine during remote roof operation. Also allows turning the engine off, getting out and locking the doors, while the top is still closing.
For extra safety and visibility: Hazard Lights flash during remote roof operation (if desired).
Chirp on lock/unlock: If activated, the horn will give brief "chirp"signals when locking/unlocking the car.
User programmable: All features can be individually enabled or disabled. Some also allow different personal preferences to be set. All settings are retained even if the car battery is disconnected.
Shop/Diagnose mode: If activated the smartTOP is completely passive, as if it was not installed at all. It becomes invisible to diagnostic tools.

SmartTop for Audi A5
SmartTop for Audi A5

smartTOP Roof Top Control for Audi A5/S5 Convertible Model Year 2009+

Product Features:

Remote control of convertible top - Open/Close your convertible top using the original factory remote control key / key fob.
Open/Close the top while driving - Open/Close your top while driving. Speed programmable up to 60kmh.
One-Touch power convertible top - "One-Touch" convertible top operation allows your top to open or close automatically.
Individually programmable - Configure functions of the module to meet your personal preferences via our signature blinker setup menu.
Passive / Invisible mode - Turn the whole module off with an easy key sequence. Ideal when letting someone else drive your car.
Hazard Signals - Optionally the hazard blinkers are activated while top is operated from the remote.
Separate window control - Raise and lower the windows separately by remote without activating the top.
Chirp-signal function - When locking and/or unlocking the car, the horn sounds briefly if desired.
Top convenience mode - Turning the ignition on or off does not interrupt convertible top operation.
Reversible plug-in installation - Remove any time allowing sale or return of a leased vehicle in it's original condition.
Plug-n-Play Wiring harness - Custom designed plug-in-between wiring harness for extremely simple and quick installation included.
USB Port for easy updates - This module can be updated using any computer / laptop with Internet connection.

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