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Clear Side Markers Installation

Clear Side Markers Installation Guide Clear Side Markers Installation Guide

If you're looking to complete the European look of your car, the factory clear side markers are an inexpensive and easy fix. Installation is a breeze.

Tools Required: None

Remove the light Remove the light

Removing the side markers doesn't require tools, it's a fairly simple process. By approaching the side markers from the wheel-well, you can easily pry the release clip. Be gentle, but firmly pull the backside towards you. The clip will bend, and the backside will be released. Pull the light out, pay attention to how it was installed (this will help when you are reinstalling the new lights).

unplug the wiring harness Unplug the wiring harness

Next, you will have to unplug the wiring harness. There is a metal spring clip, push it down. This will release the light completely. So that's the hard part, now it's time to install the new (and pretty) clear side marker.

Reinstall Harness Reinstall Harness

Push on the metal spring clip again, and install it on the clear side marker until it locks into place.

Line it up, then install! Line it up, then install!

To install the lens, start with the front tip. You will notice there are two guide pins, they will slide into the appropriate slots in the front. Make sure that the wiring harness will not interfere with the installation, then gently swing the back end in place. It should click into place, then you're done! Now it's time to check the bulb operation, turn on your parking lights and make sure they are working properly. If you have any comments or recommendations, please let us know. This is just a reference guide, if you're uncertain about installing any parts or accessories, please let a professional help you. Eagle Day is not responsible for any damage or issues resulting from improper installation.


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