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Brake Caliper Paint Kits

Brake Caliper Paint Kit
G2 Brake Caliper Paint Kit

The G2 Brake Caliper Paint System kit adds a high-gloss color "touch" to your car's appearance, helping alloy wheels to better stand out, while protecting the calipers from harmful and possibly dangerous oils and chemicals.
The kit includes the high-tech PaintSystem, brake cleaner spray, mixing cup, application brush, wood stirrer and a color car decal. Available in 8 high-gloss, wear-resistant colors: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gold, Silver, Purple, Green, Orange,and White. Sufficient for 4 calipers or 2 drums. Comes with complete instructions.

Exclusive Features: high-gloss finish suitable for race cars, seals and protects, highest heat resistance available (up to 900°F), most complete kit on the market.

"I’ve received quite a few questions about clear coat lately. Specifically, which clear coat would I recommend for use with our G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set and our G2 High Temperature Engine Paint System Set? My answer to this question is simple… None!

Only inferior single stage ceramic based paint kits cure to a matte finish and only inferior single stage ceramic based paint kits require a clear coat to give them a high gloss shine.

The reason you are buying our high quality dual stage epoxy based brake caliper paint kit and not some inferior ceramic based kit is because our G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set and our G2 High Temperature Engine Paint System Set will cure to a high gloss finish, so there is no need for a clear coat. The problem with adding a clear coat is that most are not heat resistant and will yellow and brown if exposed to the high temperatures associated with the friction created from braking, distorting the base coat color and making it appear to be a darker shade at best and downright awful at worst!

To be honest… Even those clear coats which are heat resistant have a tendency to peel so it is really not recommended that you apply them to your calipers"

This kit contains an aerosol cleaner which CANNOT be shipped to ANY destination other than a valid street address deliverable by UPS Ground within the 48 States, we must therefore REMOVE this aerosol (brake cleaner) can for any APO, AK, HI, PR, GUAM, and all International shipments. This can be easily obtained in any local auto parts store.

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Wurth Brake Caliper Brush
Wurth Brake Caliper Brush
Don't deny yourself the tools for a professional caliper paint job. High-quality Wurth brake caliper brush removes caked brake dust. Its thin profile allows for thorough cleaning in confined areas. 1 1/2" wide. 8 3/4" long and 3/8" thick.

Wurth Quality Spot Sanding Pen
Wurth Spot Sanding Pen
Make you touch-up paint repairs look better and permanent with this high-quality Wurth spot sanding pen. The glass fibers remove rust from scratches, dings, chromes and precision tools. Cleans electrical contacts. De-gloss parts for glueing, etc. Adjustable brushing. Comes with one refill in handle.

Brembo Stencil
BREMBO Brake Stencil Set
Dress up your calipers the same way the factory does, paint. These easy to use self-adhesive stencils make restoring your calipers a breeze. Just apply and spray using the paint color of your choice. We recommends using VHT high temperature caliper paint. Check our Caliper Paint Kits. Price is for 2 stencils.

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Penray Non Chlorinated Brake Cleaner
Penray Non-Chorlinated Brake Cleaner
Low V.O.C. formula. Quickly and effectively dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid and other contaminants from brakes, C.V. joints and clutch components. Degreases instantly, leaves no residue. Cleans without disassembly. Helps stop brake squealing and can improve braking performance.

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