Directions For BMW Touch Up Paint Bottles
Directions For Touch Up Paint

Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean area to be repaired with dish soap (Joy, Dawn etc.) and water. Then dry completely. The use of prep solvent and a clean lint free towel assures the best clean surface free of wax, grease, and other oil based surface contaminates. For better results do not apply in direct sunlight.

If sanding is needed: Use 180 grit sandpaper to removes rust or bad surface damage. Then use 320 to remove 180 grit scratches.


Apply touch up primer over bare metal or plastic 2-3 coats 10-15 minutes in between coats. Primer can be sanded with 600 wet sandpaper in as little as 2 hours.

If you want to blend: after sanding the area with 600, sand the outer edge with 1500 wet sandpaper. Touch up clearcoat will fill 1500 wet sand paper scratches. If any sanding is done then cleaning again is necessary. You should touch up with the basecoat over the 600 scratches, and use the clearcoat over the surface sanded with 1500 wet sandpaper.

Paint Touch Up Application

Thoroughly shake the base coat color before applying. Apply as many coats necessary to cover the area leaving 10-15 minutes minimum between light coats. Do not wet sand or use prep solvent in between coats of paint or clearcoat.

Please allow 1 hour to overnight after base coat color has been applied to apply clearcoat. Apply 2-3 coats of clearcoat using a light dabbing motion waiting 15-20 minutes in between coats. Be gentle with the brush because you do not want to disturb the undercoats.

Clear coat should be dry to the touch in 1-2 hours, but will completely dry overnight. Clearcoat can be compounded once fully dry to bring optimum shine. Clearcoat can also be wet sanded lightly with 1500 and then polished to remove dirt. Not exactly the easiest task for a beginner to remove wet sand scratches by hand compounding. Do not wax the fresh paint for one month.


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