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the procedure is really simple but be very careful. first get a straight pick and a soft towel, i presume its the one on the hood, but the one on the trunk is done the same way. make sure you have a new emblem and two new plasic inserts for the emblem. now start at the bottom of the old emblem and work the straight pick in under the emblem and have the towel as close to the pick and the bottom of the hood as possible to prevent scratching. carefully work the pick under the emblem and as far as you can, note the pick will scrape the paint under the emblem but since the new emblem will cover that scrape its ok. now prey up on the old emblem and work the pick farther up and prey until you can grab it and pull it off, remove the old plastic inserts in the hood, and insert new ones, (you must use new ones) and press the new emlbem into place and your done


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