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986 Boxster 1997-2004


Boxster 987 Roof Control For Your Boxster 986

The SMARTTOP roof control unit allows opening or closing of the convertible top while driving at slow speeds. It works like a window lift and opens or closes the roof automatically at the touch of a button. With the SMARTTOP roof module it is no longer necessary to stop the vehicle and pull the handbrake to allow roof operations.

With SMARTTOP 986 You can operate the roof while driving at slow speeds max. 25mph (40km/h). A short push on the "Open" button opens up the roof completely. A short push on the "Close" button closes the roof completely. Pushing either button while the top is moving stops operation at once.

Manual operation: pushing one button for a longer time only moves the roof as long as this button is held. In case the roof is not in one of the mechanical end stop positions it can, for safety reasons, only be operated the aforementioned manual way. When it reaches an end stop position the comfort function is reactivated again. At higher speeds exceeding the allowed maximum the roof stays in a locked state if it was in a mechanical end stop position.

Operating the roof control while at a stop: for safety reasons the one-touch function is deactivated as long as the vehicle is not moving at all. Thus it can not be triggered accidentally while a person might be at risk. The roof can be operated the normal way in pushing and holding one button. If the driver is really sure that no one could jam the roof operation, the one-touch function can be activated on a per-use basis with a combination of key presses: if the roof is fully closed, press and hold the close button for about 3 sec, then touch the open button for comfort opening of the roof. If the roof is fully opened, press and hold the open button for about 3 sec, then touch the close button for comfort closing of the roof.

Traffic lights and parking: the comfort function stays active for about 8 seconds when stopping the vehicle. This enables you to start a roof operation while waiting on a red light or on your garage door to open.

Easy Installation: Simply replace the original unit in the corresponding socket in the fuse box. Plug and Play: very easy to install for anyone in 1-2 Minutes. No professional help needed.

NEVER operate the roof with the key if someone could be endangered! Take notice of our safety advices. You are solely responsible for any damages or injuries.


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