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944/964/993 Front Monoball Set

944/964/993 Front Monoball Set
The Porsche 911 came equipped from the factory for high performance cornering -- but some things have changed in the almost 40 years the 911 has been on the road. For one, the rubber suspension bushings that monoballs replace are most likely already worn out or cracked from decades of use. Why not replace them with stock rubber bushings? Most 911 owners today, especially those of us who take our cars to the track, have equipped our Porsches with tires much wider and stickier than stock, which allows higher g-forces to be achieved in cornering and braking. During that type of hard driving, rubber suspension bushings are compressed and flexed by the extreme loads being put on them, defeating your car's finely tuned alignment settings, thereby reducing your braking and cornering potential. Monoballs are a downside-free improvement; because they eliminate four important sources of suspension slop without making your car's ride harsher. Your Porsche will handle and brake with greater precision, predictability, and feedback to the driver. These front monoballs are a custom, high-quality design that can be used as a stand-alone upgrade or with lightweight strut braces, which are specially designed to work in conjunction with monoballs. These come as a set of two. Fits 944/964/993

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